Eternal Connections

Ring Attachment Component

Eternal Connections works by simply aligning the mechanism on your rings, sliding them into place, and locking down the clasp. The finger will hold the clasp down preventing the rings from coming undone.

Eternal connections is a mechanism we created to introduce new design opportunities. You now have the ability to prevent scratches and scuffs created from rings rubbing together. You can wear your ring and maintain the design without having to solder the rings together.

EC also allows you the ability to change your design as you please. Going to a formal event? Wear a diamond band. Going to work? Switch for solid band. The possibilities are endless.

Ring Sizing Component

How do you keep your ring from spinning on your finger? This can be a problem for those gifted with a larger knuckle.

Eternal Connections ring sizing component allows you to simply attach the component and your ring fits perfectly. No more spinning!


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