Why should you purchase your diamonds at visionary jewelers?

You should shop and purchase your diamond at Visionary Jewelers because I personally assist you with your selection. And our price is usually the lowest when accurately comparing all the details of one diamond to another seen elsewhere. My pricing is internet competitive, so you do not have to buy without seeing your diamond first just to save money. And most important, your diamond selection is personal.

You hear that the 4Cs are important in the appeal of a diamond, but how does one differ from the other in what you really see? Did you know that a “one carat diamond” can range in price from $1800.00 to more than $15,000.00?

Together, we will figure out what features you like best in your diamond and stay within your budget. I have put together just some facts for your consideration as you diamond shop. A diamond is not just a diamond and you can get lost in the retail sales spin. During our consult I will present the details you need to know.

The clarity grading of a diamond’s inclusions is determined by five factors; size, number, position, nature and relief. The clarity characteristics, inclusions may have occurred during the formation and/or cutting process or result from damage. Each of these factors is important in both the integrity and eye appeal of the diamond. Even though you may not “see” the inclusions, they may actually interfere with the light reflection and detract from the diamond’s beauty.

The color of the diamond is another factor influencing its appeal. The color grade is determined by the diamond’s depth of color. A diamond may face up with less color than its grade. Less color means higher value. You should pay less for a diamond showing more color. The beauty of a diamond may be influenced by fluorescence resulting in a cloudy appearance. Also, fluorescence may result in a diamond to look whiter than it actually is. A fancy yellow color diamond must have higher than a Z grade to be considered in the fancy-color group and then of greater value.

Next is the cut evaluation, the finish and proportions of a polished diamond. It is the relationship of the proportions to each other that will enhance or detract from the diamond’s optical efficiency, handling of light for the best fire, scintillation and brilliance. All the facets work together to present the most appeal! The following need to all work together for the diamond to display its best fire; table size, facets, girdle diameter, girdle thickness, crown angle, crown height, pavilion angle, pavilion depth, culet size and depth. We will look at all these dimensions together and you will see the differences when comparing diamond to diamond.

The carat weight preference is very personal and may be determined by your budget. We will figure out which features are most important to you and then put it all together to find that perfect diamond. As your personal diamond consultant I will assist you in your diamond selection. Call for your personal consult today, 913-681-6070.