Just wanted you to know I am officially engaged and you did an outstanding job on my ring.! It indeed turned out beautifully!!!


I had a vision. For years I was looking to redesign my engagement ring and wedding band into one ring while also incorporating stones from a ring my parents had given me when I was 14 and diamonds from my grandmother’s wedding band. I went to many well respected jewelers in the Kansas City area and NO ONE could or would see my vision until I walked in to your store.

I wanted to thank you, Jeff, for taking my vision and incorporating it into a beautiful ring that not only is stunningly gorgeous but more importantly, sentimentally a one of a kind and precious masterpiece. I also want to that Julie and Candy for all your help in documenting the entire process in pictures for me and making sure I had the best stones available to make my ring just burst with sparkle. Your kindness and thoughtfulness every time just made me feel like one of the family whenever I stop in. (Love those Thursdays!)

I could go on and on but the point is Scott and I are very thankful and beyond thrilled with our new “baby” and we cannot thank you enough for creating such an everlasting and enduring symbol of our marriage.Just wanted you to know I am officially engaged and you did an outstanding job on my ring.! It indeed turned out beautifully!!!

Debbie & Dave

It’s hard to find the right words to express my thanks in all that you do. You have truly become like family to us, as we watched my beautiful new wedding ring come to life.

Thank you for bringing a vision of mine to reality, and for bringing a part of Mom close to me again. I truly love my new wedding ring as it symbolizes the love from our wedding 38 years ago, along with the love of my Mom and Dad with Mom’s diamonds next to mine.

Jeff, you are genius in what you do, and you bring your heart, creativeness and patience into every piece you make. I will cherish my ring forever. Thank you again.

Thanks Again

I want to thank you again for everything you guys have done over the last several months. It has been a pleasure to work with you and Jeffrey. He has made some truly unique and beautiful pieces for us and your expertise and assistance in the design process of the rings as well as ordering the other pieces has been wonderful. I am sure we will use you guys for any of our jewelry needs for years to come.

Thank You!!

I have been a very satisfied customer since 2009 when they were located in Olathe and have followed them to their current location. It is a family business and they treat you like family not just a customer.


I have had several pieces created by their custom designer who listens to what you want and creates more than you could have imagined. I have purchased all prices of jewelry from the inexpensive, but stylish ring in sterling silver, to my beautiful earrings they made for me at a moment’s notice. When I need jewelry I have checked around but Visionary Jewelers are competitively priced with other jewelers and I know if there’s a problem they will stand behind their product whether created by them or a ready-to-wear piece.

Pam A.

They also do jewelry appraisals to make sure your insurance coverage is current with today’s replacement values. I will continue to turn to Visionary Jewelers for my jewelry needs.

Kathryn B.

They also do jewelry appraisals to make sure your insurance coverage is current with today’s replacement values. I will continue to turn to Visionary Jewelers for my jewelry needs.

Dyana D.

Awesome service and quality of work! Not only do the make unique designs, they stand behind their products. They know their customers by name and make everyone feel important and special. If you want a unique piece – this is the place!


I want to thank you for your kindness as we were replacing and resizing my ring. Your patience and willingness to help is very much appreciated.

Pam & Buck

Thanks again for your great work and especially for doing it in a “time crunch”. Happy Holidays & have the New Year’s yet! It’s nice when you’re treated as part of the Visionary Jewelers family.

The Kyrie Foundation

On behalf of The Kyrie Foundation, thank you for choosing us as your charity of choice for the grand opening. You truly are the good guys (& gals) in the jewelry business!


I am so glad you “finally” got to meet my sweet Sarah and her sailor, Carl. I had told them they would love working with you, and they absolutely did!

Thank you for your part in making this part of their dream a reality, right down to successfully keeping me from becoming suspicious! What a lovely surprise this was for us. You are a treasure to your customers, and feel like part of our family.

Jeff, you are nothing short of an artistic genius; Sarah’s ring is gorgeous!


Thank you so much for helping me reach my dreams by sponsoring me in the national American Miss Pageant. Your generous donation is very much appreciated.


On behalf of SOKS Metro Area and the tremendous athletes we serve, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to volunteer at our Kansas City Metro Spring Games. Our program relies on dedicated, hard-working people like you.


Friends here are admiring my beautiful birthday present and impressed when I tell them it is a “one-of-a-kind” made by Visionary Jewelers.

I look forward to actually meeting you this summer & shopping in your store!


Thank you and Visionary Jewelers for your donations to our second annual Life & Breath Gala at the Uptown Theater. The ring was sold in the live auction and the jewelry appraisal in the silent auction.


You folks are amazing! I am so proud to be able to point our friends and family to you, knowing the great experience they will have. You will likely be seeing more of our gang shortly…

What breathtaking work you do!



My brother arrived in South Africa last night and I finally received the ring. I absolutely love it, looks amazing.

Thank you!


I see a lot of Jewelers attempts at attracting my attention and certainly a number of websites. You set yourself apart!

Very classy and Comfortable and Informing. I get a sense of who you are. Congratulations on such a great effort.



Thank you, Candy for the cleaning & advice. I’ll try to do better at getting down there to get it cleaned more frequently!


I hope all is well in your new store location. I am uncertain if you remember, but I purchased an engagement ring from you back in the summer. I was very satisfied with the results and the overall experience I had with your store. My now fiancé and I are looking at getting weddings bands for our upcoming fall wedding and would like to come in and see what you have to offer.


If you need a unique, helpful and family-oriented jeweler, Visionary Jewelers is your place to go… Their new digs at Corbin Park are beautiful not just from all the great ready-to-wear jewelry, but they have a great place for your significant other to sit and watch the salt water fish while you check out all the jewelry. If they don’t have what you want on hand, they can design it for you without breaking the bank. I’ve shopped other Jewelers, but for the quality and price, my best bet is Visionary Jewelers…


This is a family owned, family run business, so there was definitely a more intimate and relaxed vibe than what I had experienced at your more chain/mainstream jewelers. Candy is very good about working with you and whatever your budget may be! We definitely didn’t want to spend very much on our rings, but we were amazed at the quality of the rings we got for what we paid. Candy was very helpful with everything we needed.

David R.

Purchased a couple pieces from Visionary Jewelers as gifts for my wife. Excellent experience. And, my wife is very happy. Thank you!

Casey Kershner - KC Golfer Magazine

It was fantastic meeting both of you last week. I enjoyed our conversation, and truly appreciate the time you both spent “getting to know” a little bit about the personality of Liz, and our relationship, in preparation to create something special for us.

I want something that represents who she is and us together, and I know she will appreciate this so much.

This process is such a personal one, and much more exciting than just picking out a ring that fits. Thanks,

Avignon Villas

Your friends at the Avignon Villas thank you for your generous donations to our Olympic event. Being a new development, we were pleased to introduce your business & fine products to our neighbors.


Thanks for the great job. My customer loved the result. Have taken photos of everything – maybe get an article published! If so, I’ll send you a copy.

Hope all goes well.


Just wanted to tell you that I am getting SOOOOO many compliments on my ring. It’s amazing and you guys did an amazing job!!! Thanks for everything! Tell Jeffrey job well done as well!

Your kindness is such a blessing!


Thank you so much for your wonderful service & generosity! My ring looks beautiful. I was so glad I had the opportunity to get to know you and look forward to being a customer for a long time. You two are a great team!

Rob & Leigh Sands

Rob and I truly appreciate all the effort you both put into his ring. It looks fantastic! We couldn’t be happier with it! Thanks again for all your help. Have a night out on us!

With all the best,

Abigail - Medical Missions Foundation

Thank you so much for donating the beautiful gold pendants to our auction.

Thanks for being a part of our success!


Thank you so much! My ring looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Take care.


Thanks for the great job. My customer loved the result.


How is your new design collections coming along?

FYI… Liz loves her ring! It just fits her personality and lifestyle so well. It is “us.”


I just wanted to tell you and Jeff that my ring is beautiful. I can’t believe it’s the same ring! Jeff did a remarkable job in fixing it and I love it.

I just saw the ring you made for Brent. It is beautiful. And they love it! The sapphire is stunning! We appreciate the time and effort you gave for making this happen.

I just saw the ring you made for Brent. It is beautiful. And they love it! The sapphire is stunning! We appreciate the time and effort you gave for making this happen.


Beth and Ed

We really feel like we are a part of this design. I like the sweeping angles and Ed commented that it is exactly what he was thinking when we first met with you. We are ready for wax.

Thank you!

Ali & Greg

I knew exactly how I wanted everything to be on my wedding day, but WAY before that, I had a vision of a wedding band for my husband. After your wedding day is over, you and your husband have wonderful memories, lovely pictures, and a ring you wear every single day of your life… I wanted our rings to be special.

I looked at hundreds of rings and couldn’t find anything HIS style, that he would enjoy looking down at for the rest of his life, reminding him of me, a gift of my love. I had to have one made just for him.

Finding a jeweler is not easy. I “interviewed” them from Seattle to Texas, looking for flexibility, affordability, honesty, and that something extra (shared excitement?) that feels like they “get it.” I found Visionary Jewelers and knew I’d gotten lucky.

Candy and Jeffery LOVE jewelry. They know all the technical things; terminology, availability, costs, cuts, carats – you name it. But what makes them shine isn’t their expert knowledge of the industry and craft, it’s their honest desire to make your jewelry dreams come true.

It’s amazing to see your perfect ring come into being. They involved me just as much as I wanted, letting me see enough of the process to know that the symbols of my marriage were in good hands. And the rings…the rings are perfect. My husband’s band is exactly his style and he loves it. My wedding band was created in two pieces and attached to my engagement ring so perfectly that my friends and family marveled “how was that possible?” Visionary Jewelers made it possible, and I couldn’t be happier!

The best part of all is that they create all kinds of jewelry, so next I’ll bring them the pretty stones I found on my honeymoon trip to be made into a custom pendant. They make it so easy (and affordable) to own unique, truly meaningful jewelry that there’s no reason NOT to have Candy and Jeffery make your dreams into reality!

Chris W.

Phenomenal family-owned business that is focused on delivering top quality and unique jewelry. They have always been available to spend time with us and ensure we are happy with the final product. The owners are great to work with and want to build relationships rather than just make a sale!


Visionary is the most fabulous! Patiently worked with our budget and the design process was amazing! I get so many compliments on my unique ring! We are always treated like family and I know Candy will help with even the smallest jewelry gift or special order it for me.

Paul C.

I have been working with Candy and Jeffrey since I found them by chance in Olathe. I needed to have my engagement ring reset and they worked with me to design a new ring which incorporated my existing stones. They were always upfront about the costs and no surprises. Whenever you need a creative, exquisite piece of jewelry they are the only place to go. They work with you, offer knowledgeable suggestions, create wonderful pieces and the workmanship is beyond compare. I could not recommend them highly enough.

Chris W.

Phenomenal family-owned business that is focused on delivering top quality and unique jewelry. They have always been available to spend time with us and ensure we are happy with the final product. The owners are great to work with and want to build relationships rather than just make a sale!

Carolee B.

Visionary Jewelers…how do I begin? Candy and Jeffrey are truly amazing! Several years ago when I decided to design my husband’s wedding band, they listened and gave their opinions. It turned out PERFECT! When my dad was devastated after his Indian silver, jade inlaid ring (which he had worn for 60 years) slipped off his finger and was lost, they went to enormous lengths to recreate it. Although they only had a blown-up photo to refer to, not to mention the worldwide search they performed for someone who could actually inlay the silver inside the stone, it was impeccable! The look on my father’s face when he was reunited with his beloved ring was priceless. We will never be able to repay them for that gift. Those were the first two times we patronized Visionary Jewelers, but were absolutely not the last. They have lovingly repaired and updated many pieces of my mother’s antique jewelry which I inherited. Never had I trusted a jeweler enough before with this task. My entire family has frequented their store several times in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Candy and Jeffrey go above and beyond when it comes to pleasing their customers.

Chris W.

Can’t say enough great things about Visionary! We didn’t have a large budget to work with and the owner’s creative suggestions were fabulous! We now own two unique wedding rings and receive constant compliments! I make recommendations to send people to Visionary many times during the year when they compliment my ring. Visionary makes me feel like family! I go there first, even for small special order pieces, necklaces and gifts for family. No matter how small the item, Candy treats each order like it’s the most important one of her day! You know I’ll always be back!

Jan C.

Loved working with Jeffrey and Candy to design a new ring when my original 25 year old engagement ring needed to be redone. They designed a piece that incorporated my original stones. I could not have been happier with my new old ring! They are the only jewelers for me and my family. WE agreed on the price, I paid and they made my ring and made me very happy!


I love the ring that was made just for me. The store is lovely, with beautiful pieces. They give great personal service to help create the perfect customized piece for their customer. Friendly people with a unique store. Can’t say enough good things!

Danielle L.

I began the design process with strict constraints due to a very short engagement (only two months) and a very picky design in mind. During the process, I tweaked the details of the ring multiple times and even given the strict deadline, the designer was completely (and happily) willing to modify all of the tiny nuances as many times as I felt necessary. All the while, the staff was able to keep the budget a secret from me while lightly guiding the design to fit into the budget that my fiancé set. I now own a completely unique ring that is exactly what I wanted. I truly couldn’t be happier with the result. Honestly, designing a ring from scratch in the allotted time was vastly more pleasant than finding a wedding dress. I wish I could design jewelry with Visionary Jewelers on a regular basis because this was so much fun!

Eliott I.

Went here to shop for my wife’s wedding ring. The experience of being able to design your own custom ring is amazing. The people here care about you and make sure that you will walk away a satisfied customer.

Todd M.

Stop at Visionary and speak to them. I did that and am so glad that I did. Their service was exceptional and was in no way pressuring. To be quite honest I was so pleased with their ‘sales techniques’ because I felt no pressure at all to purchase an item. Outstanding. There is simply no better word to describe my experience at Visionary Jewelers. I went there on the recommendation of someone very close to me who said that if I was looking for an engagement ring that would be second to none then I had to make a decision on the day that I went. I was shown many different styles of rings settings and several different diamonds as well. In the end I had a ring that I truly loved because I picked it out from the setting through the main diamond. Candy and Jeff are the best and I will go back to them each time I need a quality piece of jewelry!

Bobby W.

I saw your commercial on TV and went to your website. I don’t know if I can afford your artistry and creativity but I would like to schedule a private consultation with you. I am a musician and have a modest diamond that I bought in Amsterdam many years ago and I have always wanted to have set in an original piece (ring) for my wife of now 32 years.

It would be a dream come true to meet with you and conceive a ring for my dear wife. I look forward to hearing from you. This is something I have been waiting to do for quite some time. I thank you in advance for your help.



Thank you so much for all the hard work you both put into making my engagement ring. It looks gorgeous! Amazing! Matthew and I had such a blast with the entire process and look forward to working with you again!


Just thought I would pass along to you that I proposed to Amanda and she said YES! We were out at the camp where she and I met, just looking at the sights and locations, and I completely surprised her.

She LOVES the ring—thank you so much for your help!

Barbara - Bacn in the Swing Foundation

On behalf of all Kansas City and breast cancer survivors, their families and friends, I want to personally extend our appreciation for your donation of the Pinky Ring to Back in the Swing.

Your support is sincerely appreciated. Proceeds benefit breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment.


I want to thank you for my beautiful Pink, Pinky Rings. What a great way to honor women.


Thank you so much for all of your help with the jewelry. I have been wanting to do something with it for a long time. Now all the girls have something very special. Tell Jeffrey thanks so much.

Thanks again,

Ellen Katz & Allison Weber - Back in the Swing Foundation

On behalf of the Foundation, I want to personally extend our appreciation for your contribution. Our hope is that the connection you have made will change the lives and strengthen the community for years to come…


Thanks you for the beautiful pendant and earrings and the precious designer bracelet for Emma.